14 March 2021

Picnic Chic

Effortlessly cool classics

We styled this delicious shoot with Elizabeth Buller and Jimmy Slimz, and a special guest-Louis, to capture the last of the summer vibes.

Honey From The Jar - Photoshoot

Neutrals for the Great Outdoors

Honey wanted to capture some of the mood of the Aussie bush in this cute launch photoshoot. Featuring one of our great rental pieces in this fabulous 70’s safari suit, a timeless classic that remains stylish throughout the decades.

We got some of our inspiration for the location and setups from Victorian Heidelberg School Impressionist painter, Frederick McCubbin, who depicted scenes of early Australian settler's lives.

We wondered how the characters would look today, and how they might present. We love the warm earthy tones of the garments agains the backdrop of greens and ochres. There's so much inspiration to be found for styling in looking at the palette of nature.
Learn more about the Heidelberg School by visiting the NGV, or watching some of the informative educational videos on YouTube.

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