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Are you obsessed with fashion? Do you love the timeless styles of eras past? Is sustainability an important part of your shopping cycle? Then Honey from the Jar is a great destination for you.

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Honey From The Jar

If you are like me, you probably prefer to wear something unique that expresses your individuality and get great joy out of giving garments a second chance at life. I love the variety that wearing vintage garments offers; the ability to define yourself in a new way with each outfit, and knowing that no one else will look quite like you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone fall in love with a vintage garment and somehow discover a part of themselves in the process.

I have been collecting vintage garments since I was a teenager. I inherited my love of clothing and its history from my mother and grandmother who were both excellent seamstresses with great style. My mother worked in one of Melbourne’s first recycle fashion stores in the 80’s. She had a massive influence in exposing me to the great Australian made brands, as well as haute couture. I have always had an interest in fashion which has helped me build a very good knowledge of eras, fabrics and styles.

I originally started selling from my collection as a means of transitioning from my previous career as a graphic designer in film and television while I was unemployed. Honey began in a little house in Preston where myself and my daughter Gina started lugging stuff off to local markets to share our passion. We very quickly became known as the nutty mother and daughter team who sold those excellent and beautifully curated vintage clothes. We now have a weekly presence at the Inner North of Melbourne’s well attended Fitzroy Market, and also sell through a Depop store, and now, here, on our own website. You can visit Honey from the Jar at Fitzroy Market most Saturdays (check our Instagram) @honeyfromthejar, or come and browse the collection by appointment.

Honey maintains a carefully curated and handpicked collection of well crafted, well fitting, high quality and fashion forward garments and accessories to rent and buy. I stock both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories and a good staple of gender fluid wear. I also create limited custom garments from vintage fabrics and patterns and provide simple alterations on purchased garments.

If you are a stylist, a costume designer or wardrobe professional, the rental service has been tailor-made to support your needs. Please contact us for more information on how to reserve garments for this purpose, or join our VIP club.

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Kathy Kennedy

Founder - Owner

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